Corporate Identity Design

» Creating lasting first impressions

What's the first image that comes to mind when thinking about any company?  Logos requires a high impact symbol that creates lasting first impressions and defines your brand within your industry.  

Are you happy with you long term marketing plan, or is your marketing material outdated with todays consumers?  Want a fresh perspective?

  • Corporate identity design carry through all aspects of business and a strong, polished, distinctive, and memorable branding symbol is essential.

  • Professional brochure design strategically integrated into your marketing plan

» Taking brands to the next level

New View Media takes extra care to understand your business through feedback, market research, and assessing other marketing material in order to tie everything together in one cohesive, powerful marketing plan.  

  • Creative logos and taglines are the base for all marketing material.

Our designers use creative direction and entrepreneurial flare to create a powerful image that properly symbolizes the status of your company.  Persuasive writers can also research, brainstorm, and create short and memorable titles or taglines to be placed alongside your marketing material. 

  • Please have a look at our portfolio for an overview of New View Media custom designs.

» Corporate Identity Design

Logos and other graphic design elements are needed in a variety of formats depending on their location of use; small logo for envelopes (.gif), medium for websites and print ads (.jpg), and large vector size for store signs and banners (.il).  

New View Media will provide all the necessary formats (black and white, background options, embroidered, signs, animated), corporate color palette, dimensions for formatting, suitable background colors, and other items are included with more detail in the Marketing Blueprint....  

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